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Smuggler Stopped

It is the arrest of a Jordanian trader trying to get him out of Egyptian territory 107 pieces from different eras of noweb port on the Red Sea. Following a review, “these objects do not carry registration numbers. Therefore they are derived rather clandestine excavations conducted in different archaeological sites, “said Abdel-Rehim Rihan, Director General of Antiquities Islamic noweb, which can not specify from which these pieces exactly, but ensures that they are representative of archaeological periods varied, ranging from the Pharaonic age until the Islamic period. They vary even in materials such as wood, gilded wood, bronze and copper (see list).

Antiquités de l’époque pharaonique
5 masques de bois dorés.
40 statuettes en bronze.
52 amulettes.
5 différentes pièces en métal.

Antiquités de l’époque islamique
1 récipient de cuivre.
4 armures en métal.

Source: Al Ahram (French edition)


Last modified: June 2nd, 2011

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