Monastery of Saint Aikaterini

Archbishop Damiano confirmed on 1st February that the monastery of Saint Aikaterini is safe.

Qantara near Ismailia

800 artefacts are confirmed to be missing from the Qantara East Storage Magazine, including a large collection of clay vessels, bronze coins, scarabs, and amulets, as well as wooden arrows, textiles, amphora and a headless limestone statue inscribed with hieroglyphic text.  It is claimed that none were intended for museum display, but Biblical scholars will be wondering about the fate of a rare inscription mentioning both Yahweh and Asherah wihch is suspected to have been in the warehouse. All missing pieces had been documented and photographs released to Interpol.  The recovery of 22 objects was reported on 14th July.

Thirty Trucks have removed the remaining contents of the Qantara East Storage Magazine to saftety in the basement of the Egyptian Musuem in Cairo.  The magazine had been attacked and 550 objects stolen, of which 292 were quickly returned.  The magazine housed items intended for the new museums at Port Said, Sharm El-Sheikh and Taba, so it is likely some of the objects lost were of display quality.

As this site is now secure, the previous reporting history has been archived into a separate page.

Wadi el-Feiran

On 3rd March Dr Hawass reported that a magazine(s) in in Wadi el-Feiran, near Sharm el-Sheikh was raided.  The date of the attack is unknown.

Last modified: April 14th, 2013

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