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Peter Allingham has said on Facebook (3rd February), “From PAT, our desert logistics company, in Cairo re Oases: “Oases are safe and quiet,” and on 27th April he confirmed that the following sites are secure:

Kharga: Hibis, Nadura, Gweeta, Zayan, ed-Deir, Labeka, Um el Dabaadib, Dush & Bagawat.

Dakhla: Balat, Ain Asiil, el Qasr, Muzawakka, Deir el Hagar.

Bahariya: Amasis Chapels, Golden Mummies, Ain Muftillah Tombs.

Dakhla has been reported to be quiet but there has been no recent news to confirm its status.


On the evening of 9th February, the museum was believed to be in danger of looting: no report of looting was subsequently received and it is probable now that the museum escaped attack; however, but there has been no specific report that the museum is safe. This was the original post:

The latest on Facebook from Dr. Louay Mahmoud Saied:

Vltervawa your hands and pray Ttheloa your prayers to God .. Where he is preparing Mnhv effects beyond the New Valley to face a difficult night inconclusive. After the withdrawal of all security forces from the city and emptying the streets of pedestrians just as a result of the shooting everywhere, I got confirmed information that he intends to night, dozens of looters attack on the museum’s looting its contents after it pulled out of him completely all the guards of the Interior, was left to protect only a boss and some staff and honorable people.

There have been no subsequent reports and it remains unclear whether or not the musuem remained secured.

Last modified: February 10th, 2013

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