On 2nd February, the Minister for Antiquities Dr Hawass has said, “All sites in Alexandria are safe. All the mosques, synagogues, and monasteries are safe; nothing has happened to any of them.”  He gave an expanded report on 5th February:

I have received reports today concerning the monuments in Alexandria: six museums and seven antiquities sites. Mohamed Abdel Maksoud, General Director of Lower Egypt, is in charge of the operation room in Alexandria. There, two of the six museums, the Jewelry Museum and the Alexandria National Museum, were open to the public and the other four, including the Greco-Roman Museum, the Marine Museum, and the Mosaic Museum, are under development. All of the museums in Alexandria are safe and secure. We also have seven archaeological sites that were open to the public before 25 January 2011. All are completely secure: Qaitbey Fort, the Necropolis of Anfushi, Chatby Necropolis, Kom El-Shuqafa, Pompey’s Pillar, and the Roman amphitheater (or Kom el-Dikka) are all completely protected by Egyptian security forces and the army.

Dr Hawass offered a minor update on 3rd March saying, “Kom el Nadoura suffered some damage to its doors and furniture.”

Alexandria Library (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

The library is obviously highly emotive.  The Director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in an article which appeared on 1st February, has told the Guardian [UK national newspaper] that the local youth, in collaboration with the army, are ensuring the safety of the library.

Alexandria National Museum

Early reports of a museum fire have proved false.  Both Dr Hawass and the Musuem Director have declared that the museum is safe and intact.

Desouk [Buto]

Dr Hawass’ report of 5th February also reveals an unsuccessful attempt to loot the magazine at Desouk:

Last night, the operation room here in Zamalek received a message that people tried to attack the storage magazine of Tell el Fara’in, built in Desouk, Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate. Thank God that the people of the village and the security staff of the Ministry of Antiquities were able to catch two of the thieves, who were brought to the mayor’s house and turned over to the Tourist Police.

Last modified: February 10th, 2013

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