Building Eyptological Online

I this section you will find information about how we built Egyptological Online.

Last modified: February 5th, 2010

5 responses to “Building Eyptological Online”

  1. Jan Rozehnal


    I would like to ask – when will be Glypheer available for download? Is it possible to get alpha version?

    Thank for reply!

    1. Kate

      Reply sent by email

  2. Diana Brown

    I am trying insert hieroglyphs into a document – I am using Wikihiero. I have no problem with the hieroglyphs themselves, it is when I copy/paste them into my document -1) they do not remain in the order copied, 2)they float.3) I have formatted each glyph (very time-consuming). I have tried various ways of ‘containing’ the glyphs – but to no avail. Can you help?

    1. Kate

      Hi Diana, I have replied by email – Kate

  3. Iain MacLeod

    Re: taxonomy-picker-widget.php

    Is this one “” too many? I spotted it validating a site.

    echo “”;
    echo “”;